Mentoring Workshop takes place in Bamboi

The Bamboi-Tinga team in the Damongo Zone has organized a step-down workshop in Bamboi in the Savannah Region.

It focused on the Wisdom of Traditions unit of the Programme and happened, April 14th to 16th.

Participants explored their traditions, their wisdom and the way they have been influenced by them.

They reflected deeply on where wisdom lived in the era of their ancestors.

In groups, participants brought out stories, drama, poems and proverbs derived from their cultures where they believed wisdom resided.

In the plenary, they shared their wisdom in it and broadened their learning from them. They also pondered on their heritage and faith journeys which helped them appreciate the importance of interfaith relationships and ecumenism.

Participants also pledged to preserve our common home; the earth. Twenty-two (22) young people participated in the workshop.

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