Damongo: Mentoring Training and Wisdom of Traditions Training conducted

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana conducted its 5th training for volunteer facilitators in the Damongo Zone, March 9th to 12th.

Before the facilitators’ training, a 2nd Mentoring Training was convened for some selected volunteer facilitators. It intended to improve their understanding of mentoring. The mentors received support as they looked more deeply into mentoring, their own experiences of being mentored, and capacity-building on human trafficking. Additionally, they were shown how to use the mentoring form guide which they subsequently utilized to mentor their peers while running step-down workshops in their communities. As a result, each mentor was consequently assigned to one of the teams.

The plenary session of the training
Mentoring Training session

The penultimate training for the zone was on the Wisdom of Traditions unit and brought together trainee volunteers from Damongo, Tuna, Yapei, Lingbinsi, Bole, Bamboi and Tinga communities where they explored various traditions, their wisdom and the way we have been influenced by them. It produced moments of deep reflection and discernment on the calls of the spirit in today’s world.

Having learnt about the effects of industrial revolution, participants shared that, human actions and inactions are responsible for causing harm to the environment and there is the need to change attitudes and intensify education towards care for the earth. Other suggested ways in this effort is to plant and grow trees and cut the use of chemicals in farming.

As facilitators of the SELL Programme, which puts them in position of leadership, their awareness was raised on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in line with the Safeguarding Policy of the Programme. They were also made aware of the responsibilities and duties it places on them. Twenty-four (24) volunteer facilitators were trained.

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